Nature Scavenger Hunt

Below are a few types of scavenger hunts.

My Open Country Scavenger Hunt has lots of options.

Here is something fun to do at a birthday party or just for fun.  See who can find…

  • An Acorn
  • A Seed Pod
  • A Rock
  • Some Berries
  • Pine Needle
  • Animal tracks
  • A Squirrel
  • A Bug
  • A Pinecone
  • A Cardinal (Red Bird)
  • A Bird Nest
  • A Flower
  • A Bird
  • A Butterfly
  • Something Fuzzy
  • 2 Kinds of Seeds
  • A Rabbit
  • Something Straight
  • A Leaf
  • A Frog
  • Something Rough

Have kids share their favorite thing they found


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