How You Can Help the Butterflies

Due to development and use of herbicides, the Monarch and other butterflies are losing their habitat. In the Fall, the Monarchs migrate South for the Winter.  During this migration they need nectar from flowers and bushes to make their long journey to their Winter Home.  Likewise, in the Spring and Summer they need habitat for breeding.

And this is how you can help!  A fun thing to do is to plant a Butterfly Garden.  It’s interesting to observe the Monarchs and the different butterflies that visit your garden and you will be helping to preserve their species.

This is a fun family project for kids of all ages!  No gardening experience necessary. You can build our entire garden or just half of it. After you build the frame put newspaper down on the ground before you fill it with dirt.  After you plant your plants water your garden well and put mulch around the plants.

If you have questions please call me at 785-766-3023.

To learn more about butterflies please visit Monarch Watch at the University of Kansas,


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